Jewish seizes

U.S. seizes Jewish funeral scrolls, manuscripts thought ‘lost for all time’ in Holocaust

The U.S. Justice Department announced Thursday the seizure of 17 funeral scrolls, manuscripts and community records that were looted from Eastern European Jewish communities annihilated in the Holocaust nearly a century ago.The artifacts were found through a New York City auction house that offered them for sale, the Justice Department said in a statement.According to…

Jewish TikTok

Jewish TikTok creators say that they feel silenced by the platform

Since early May, every Friday evening, Julia Massey said she gets the same notification from TikTok: She’s been banned from posting for a week.Massey, 19, of California, a Jewish creator on the app, said she could be posting a video of herself baking a loaf of challah or a clip of her cat, but the…

Haredi Jewish

Haredi Jewish women are bucking the patriarchal stereotype of their community

(The Conversation) — Ultra-Orthodox Jews have been in the news a lot lately, partly due to their reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic. With a few exceptions, the stories present ultra-Orthodox Jews as a patriarchal community that is authoritarian and resistant to public health measures, even during a global pandemic. While this narrative has dominated coverage…